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Tightening Smartball Dumbbell/ Workout/ Organic Way/ Random Color
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Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 5 cm x 8 cm
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Name: Tightening Smartball Dumbbell

Option: Only available in Random color

Material: TPE

Type: Vaginal Tightening

Size: 10cm*3.7cm

Content: 1 piece

Theories within:
1. Gravity theory: Once the smart ball is inside your body, the gravity will pull the out as usual. However your vaginal muscle will automatically resist and prevent the smart ball leaving from your body. Therefore, this action leads to a training purpose.
2. Stimulate - reaction theory: There are smaller balls inside the smart ball, so when the smart ball stay within your body during your daily activities or exercise, the smaller balls inside will keep moving around to hit and stimulate your vaginal muscle in order to reach the training purpose.

Way to use:
1. Wash throughoutly before use, put on some lubricant after wash
2. Lie down and slowly put the 2 balls into vaginal (leave the strap outside)
3. After insert, exericse 30 minutes (with tightening balls inside vaginal)
4. MUST exercise to boost the effect of tightening

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