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One Year Anniversary

69 Trading is now celebrating 1 year old by introducing several new systems.


Reward Point System (RP)
- RP system is newly implemented system which grants our customer with 10% of total purchasing price (RM100 grants 100RP which equal to RM10). Our customers are now allowed to purchase favorite products with FREE by using RP.


New Membership Level

- Membership tier is now separated into 5 level including Bronze 99, Silver 95, Gold 90, Diamond 85, and Platinum 80 instead of 2 membership level previously. Members are entitled for discount 1%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% according. Membership promotion is totally FREE once it achieved the purchasing amount milestone. 

Selling Price Revised
- More than 200 products are revised to lower selling price and revision amount is up to 30% from original price. The selected revision products are based on our customers demand, favorite picks, and wishlist.


New Categories Selection
- Our products are allocated into new categories selection for easier shopping experience sake of our customers.


Easier Checkout (Guest Checkout)
- New guest checkout is now introduced for our customers whose didn't want to register as our member, so now our customers could purchasing without logging in.


Old Member Redemption 
- Old member will be rewarded with RP by contacting us according to your previous fulfilled order.


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